The Magnificat Maternal Health Project (MMHP) is dedicated to reducing maternal and newborn deaths in developing countries and to creating a transferable model of person, centered, life affirming, evidence based maternal health care development

A Practical Theology, A Passionate Solidarity

Health care development can only be authentic if it is founded upon respect for the life and dignity of all persons. Tragically this principle has been betrayed by prevailing health care models which emphasize abortion, contraception and reproductive rights over basic health care needs. How is it that a woman dying from a post-partum hemorrhage cannot receive medications to contract her uterus or an intravenous infusion to support her blood pressure, yet a block away a pharmacy is fully stocked with every available contraceptive?

MMHP returns health care development to its just foundation: a profound respect for the life and dignity of all persons, born and unborn. The human person is a gift and a mystery, not a problem and a burden. A person has dignity which is intrinsic and God-given. Health care providers who uphold this principle see their patients differently. They greet them, they welcome them, they listen to them and they do everything they can to insure they are well-cared for. What emerges is an ethos - a way of being, which defines health care in terms of love.

  • Love to do the good for another as readily as we would do the good for ourselves
  • Love, patient, kind and bearing all things
  • Love which embraces the "least of those"; the anemic and frightened mother in labor, the unborn child, the family who has no food or money
  • Love in the wards of the hospital which look to the love of Christ on the Cross

We believe it is time to renew health care which is defined by its embrace of the human person and an ethos of love. Please help us realize this in the work of Magnificat Maternal Health Project!

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